About Us

Allicock Enterprise

Inc Is Part Of The Que Group Companies’

Resident in the UK, Dubai and Guyana, we provide a range of products and services in technology and agriculture , our agricultural products are:
  • Rice from Guyana South America
  • Brown Sugar from Guyana South America
  • Copra and Coconut Oil from Guyana South America
  • A variety of Organic and health based fruits and vegetables
We are proud and honored to provide quality agricultural products from Guyana South America, and to be able to sharing with you our quality, without compromise and our dedication to always provide innovative produce at low prices with on time delivery to our clients and their markets.
Allicock Enterprise Inc provides products from fertile soil which has been fertilized by nature and the tropical amazon rain forest from where the land was claimed, which ensures that our product provided the pure goodness of nature with natural durability of product with great health benefits which satisfies the needs of diabetics and those involved in weight loss programs whilst maintaining the taste and goodness, we all come to expect from our rice, sugar, fruit and vegetable products.
Our Coconut oil and Copra product are from the same background as our rice and sugar, which enables us to provide the purest of coconut oil for the cosmetic and other associated markets and industries which uses coconut oil and the sub products of coconut such as coconut milk, coconut flour etc.